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Step back in time and ‘Escape to Ladbrokes'

Check out our very first ad and see why thousands of you couldn't wait to pay us a visit!



4 March 2008 (advert first aired in 2007)

The offer:

When you just need to get away, what better place to come than Ladbrokes Bingo?

We've been welcoming newbies for years and even then we were offering great value, with our ‘Spend £10, Get £20 Free' promotion going down a treat!

The promotion:

Wow, this is a real step back in time! Did you know we were one of the first big bingo sites to advertise on TV in the UK?

This very first advert is the perfect reminder of the journey we've taken you on.

The action features our happy couple with the theme very much being ‘Escape to Ladbrokes'.

Once our good lady is invited to sniff her other half Dave's smelly motorcycle engine part she knows there's only one place to go to get away – Ladbrokes Bingo of course!