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About Ladbrokes 80-Ball Bingo

Welcome to Ladbrokes 80-Ball Bingo! Whether you’ve had a dab at one of our most popular bingo styles or simply fancy mixing it up from the classic 90-ball and 75-ball variations – you’ve come to the right place! We really do have Bingo games for everyone, and 80-Ball Bingo is no different with the added excitement of different winning variations and patterns each time you play. For those who haven’t played 80-Ball Bingo at Ladbrokes, it’s a similar gaming style to that of 75-ball bingo, where you’ll be given a pattern to complete at the beginning of each game. 80-Ball Bingo brings a nostalgic vibe and is ideal for players who enjoy playing in live halls, plus it’s something totally different if you’ve only ever played online Bingo with our roomies. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your dabber and come on down to Ladbrokes 80-Ball Bingo!

How to play Ladbrokes 80-Ball Bingo

Before you start marking your card, you’ll need a Ladbrokes account to play 80-Ball Bingo with us! Once you’ve signed up or logged in online, head to the Bingo tab on our website. From there, select the 80-Ball tab where you’ll find The Library Bingo Room. Once there, you can buy tickets and chat with other roomies too, sound good? That’s not all, if you’re a new Ladbrokes customer, watch out for our welcome offer to all new Bingo players to help you settle in.

How does 80-Ball Bingo work?

Our 80-ball game is fairly similar to most other bingo games. Simply listen out for the call and mark your card when one of your numbers are called. If you match a winning game pattern, you win! Winning line variations can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Some patterns could ask you to try fill in each corner of your card, a cross-pattern, four middle squares - Crazy! Of course, there is a prize for a Full House too! 80-Ball Bingo is played on a 4×4 grid layout containing a total of 16 numbers. You’ll be able to choose your card when you enter The Library Bingo Room. Choose your colour, pick your dauber and you’re ready to go! And remember, while you’re in any of our Bingo rooms, you can also chat with our roomies using our chat-box function or play one of our other Bingo games while you wait for your game to start. If you like what you see, we also have 90-Ball, 75-Ball, and 30-Ball Bingo games with helpful guides and exclusive Chat Games and Chat Offers in our Community tab.