• 26
  • US$0.06
  • US$3.38
90Cashout Bingo
  • 10
  • US$0.06
  • US$5.18


80The Library
  • 0
  • US$0.13
  • US$19.43
90The Cinema Room
  • 1370
  • US$0.00
  • US$19.43
90Deal or No Deal 90
  • 46
  • US$0.19
  • US$113.14
36Fluffy Favourites Bingo
  • 14
  • US$0.06
  • US$5.17


75The Garden
  • 305
  • US$0.13
  • US$34.00
75Deal or No Deal 75
  • 11
  • US$0.06
  • US$34.00
90FRIENDS™ bingo
  • 8
  • US$0.19
  • US$25.64


30The Garage
  • 0
  • US$0.06
  • US$12.95


75The Treehouse
  • 2
  • US$0.06
  • US$6.48
90The Living Room
  • 135
  • US$0.03
  • US$194.26
90Carers UK Charity
  • 22
  • US$0.26
  • US$12.95
6h:42m:56s 1TG
90The Bedroom
  • 144
  • US$0.06
  • US$906.56
2d:6h:12m:56s 1TG
90The Terrace
  • 604
  • US$0.06
  • US$1,295.09
23d:7h:12m:56s 1TG
90The Big Games Room
  • 243
  • US$0.65
  • US$23,311.62


90The Attic
  • 0
  • US$0.01
  • US$67.99

About Ladbrokes Bingo Rooms

Welcome to Ladbrokes Bingo! Whether you’re a newbie or one of our regular roomies, here you’ll find our full range of Bingo Rooms for full online Bingo experience! There’s something for everyone in our Ladbrokes Bingo Rooms, from classic Rooms like the Attic, the Garden, the Living Room and the Garage, to exciting additions like the FRIENDS Room, the Cashout Room and the Big Games Room.And that’s not all, because we’re always putting on fab promotions for our roomies which offer great rewards, including Bonuses, Vouchers, Free Tickets and sometimes even Cash Prizes. Does that sound like a bit of you? Well, why not come and join the fun at Ladbrokes Bingo!

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Want to join the fun here at Ladbrokes Bingo? Simply sign-up for an account and head to the Bingo tab on our website. Here you’ll find lots of different options to suit how you want to play. Keep an eye out for a special welcome offer too, it’s just our way of saying a big hello to all new roomies when they make the fab decision to join us! Once you’ve logged in, visit the Bingo tab and then the Rooms tab, then all you need to do is pick the Bingo Room for you!

Ladbrokes Bingo Rooms

Once you’ve clicked on the Rooms tab, you’ll see all our full range of available Bingo Rooms. You’ll find useful information about each Room, including when the next game is, how many balls there are, how many players there are, the price of a ticket and the prize pool! Our Bingo Rooms also allow you to chat to other roomies using the chat box function, while you can also play on different Slots, Slingo and Mini-Games while you wait for the next Bingo game to begin. There’s nothing like a bit of Bingo. That’s why we have a number of different themed Bingo rooms available which replicate the same enjoyable experience you might get from a Bingo hall. We’ve got classic Rooms such as the Attic, the Living Room, the Garden, the Garage and the Bedroom. Or you can choose one of our other exciting feature rooms, including our FRIENDS Room! Inspired by the hit 90’s TV show, you can hang out with Ross, Rachel, Joey and the whole Central Perk gang in NYC! And there’s more, including our Fab Grab Room. Select your Bingo Tickets and pick 15 numbers. If one of the numbers matches the Full House number, you’ll win a share of the Jackpot! Then there’s our Cashout Room, where you can cashout for a return with one ball to go!