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We know that bingo chat rooms can be a daunting place if you've not been in one before.

That's why we've put together a list of all the most popular chat terms to help you along your way!


Below are the online bingo terms and phrases you're likely to encounter in our lively chat rooms.

So, whether you're being asked your ‘a/s/l' or simply letting your fellow Roomies know that you're ‘AFK', use our helpful tips to be a part of the conversation.


Remember, playing bingo is a social and fun experience so get yourself involved ppl!


Acronym Translation   Acronym Translation
((name)) HugsZ   k Okay
1tg, 2tg Balls to go to Bingo   l8r Later
? Please Explain   l8r g8r Later Gator
?4U Question For You   lmao Laughing My A** Off
a/s/l Age/Sex/Location   lol Laugh Out Loud
AFK Away From Keyboard   np No Problem
b4n Bye For Now   omg Oh My Gosh
bak Back At Keyboard   Pls/Plz Please
bf Boyfriend   pmsl Peeing Myself Laughing
brb Be Right Back   ppl People
btw By The Way   qt Cutie
CM Chat Master/Monitor/Moderator   rofl Rolling On Floor, Laughing
cu See You   roflmao Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off
e1 Everyone   Roomie A chat room member, i.e. anyone in the chat room
fcol For Crying Out Loud!   Soz/sry Sorry
gf Girlfriend   tc Take Care
gg Good Going (Good Game)   tmi Too Much Information
gl Good Luck   ttfn Ta Ta For Now
gla Good Luck All   thx Thanks
gr8 Great   ty Thank You
g2g Got to Go   ul Unlucky
hagd Have A Good Day   wb Welcome Back
hb Hurry Back   wd Well Done
imo In My Opinion   wtg Way To Go!
jj Just Joking   yw You're Welcome