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 Superbooks FAQ page

Find out all you need to know about how to play the all new Superbooks here!

What is the difference between Superbooks tickets and normal Free Tickets?

The table below highlights the main differences between Free and Super tickets.

How do I purchase Free Bingo Tickets?

If you want to play with just Free Bingo tickets in the game, all you need to do is click the "Confirm" button. When the ticket purchaser window pops up – The default is set to maximum free tickets.

How do I purchase tickets for Superbooks?

In order to purchase Super tickets, adjust the slider in the ticket purchaser window to the number of Super tickets you require.                                                                                                                You are able to use the same purchaser window to upgrade any of your Free Bingo tickets to Superbooks tickets at any point prior to ticket sales closing.

How do I know if I am playing with Superbooks tickets or a Free Bingo tickets?

You can see the difference between your Free and Super tickets, which are marked with the Superbooks "S" logo in the middle of all Superbooks tickets.

What happens if I win on a Superbooks ticket?

If you win on a Superbooks ticket, you will automatically be credited with the Superbooks guaranteed prize amount relating to the prize you have won (1-line, 2-line, Full House).

What happens if I win on a Superbooks ticket but someone wins the same prize on a Free Bingo ticket?


When there is a split win i.e. more than one ticket wins a single prize.  If all the tickets in the split are of the same type – either all Free Bingo or all Superbooks – then each winner will receive an equal share of the specified prize amount for that type of ticket.  If the split is divided between both Free and Super tickets, the win amount for each ticket will be a proportion of the prize for that ticket type.  For example, if 1 Free ticket and 1 Super ticket win, the Free ticket will receive 50% of the free prize amount and the Super ticket will win 50% of the Super prize amount.


Therefore, if the Super prize is 50 and the Free prize 10 and there is a split win.