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We've made it even easier to trigger Jackpots with Rainbow Riches Bingo!

Only 50 steps needed now to unleash the Gold Pot!
Rainbow Riches Bingo is a 40 ball variant based on the popular slot game Rainbow Riches.
Tickets have 8 numbers (1-40 only), arranged into 2 four-leaf clovers and a player wins once they have marked the numbers off on one or both clovers.
There are two types of jackpots to play for:

Rainbow Road Jackpot

We've added a colourful Rainbow Jackpot feature. This is a progressive community jackpot with 3 different prizes within it: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The jackpots are triggered when the Leprechaun lands on, or passes, the jackpot on the rainbow road. 
·         Bronze Pot: 10th step on the rainbow
·         Silver Pot: 25th step on the rainbow
·         Gold Pot: 50th step on the rainbow
If the leprechaun goes past any prize pot and does not directly land on one, then only 50% of that prize amount will be paid out to community and the rest (50%) will be rolled over to be included in the next prize pot(s). If the leprechaun lands directly on one of the pots, then the full amount of the JP will be paid out to the community

Wishing Well Jackpot – Personal Jackpot

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