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Who Plays Bingo? The Changing Stereotypes 

Bingo has long been one of the nation's favourite games, it's slow-paced fun fills us with suspense as we tick off our numbers and become closer to winning thousands of great prizes and jackpots.  As more and more people switch to online bingo we ask who exactly are the bingo players of today? We conducted a survey of Ladbrokes' fabulous bingo followers to find out.
Before the massive online bingo boom began in the late 90's, most people associated the game with groups of elderly ladies meeting at their local bingo hall to socialise and play a few cards. Today we recognise this as a tired cliché.  This is due to the rise of online bingo sites available on mobile, tablets and desktops readily bringing thousands of bingo games to the masses. Click here to find out more about Online Bingo history.
So who does play bingo?
The player
What was once a game with a majority female following is now the go-to game for both men and women. The results from our survey prove that men now have the bingo bug too as a staggering 35% of our Ladbrokes bingo players are male. 
And it's not just the elderly that get their bingo fix these days. With online and mobile bingo it's now possible to play while you're on the go travelling to and from work, so you no longer have to make your way to the bingo hall in the evenings. This means that the younger generation are stepping up to the bingo scene with the majority of people who play Ladbrokes online bingo aged between 26-35. 
The device
With the rise of the Internet, bingo was brought into our homes and onto our computer screens. Online bingo is cheaper, faster and much more exciting! With loads of huge jackpots, special prizes and quick-fire games on offer with lively chat rooms there's plenty to keep everyone entertained! Our survey results show that over 50% of our online bingo community play on their tablets in the comfort of their own homes while 10% play bingo on the go with their mobile. On average, our loyal Ladbrokes bingo player's log-on between 19:00 and 22:00 - allowing many jackpots and prizes to be won in the process! With all this on offer at just the touch of a button, what are you waiting for?
So now we know the changing stereotype of the modern day bingo fan. What was once always thought to be old ladies enjoying a natter at the bingo hall is now revolutionised gaming for people of all ages. The tech-savvy young players are taking mobile bingo by storm and there's now an equal balance in the number of men playing bingo as there are women.  
Online bingo has seriously changed the game, eradicating the drab bingo hall image and replacing it with a fresh, sleek, quick-fire interface. With so many games and bingo rooms history   available online at Ladbrokes there's plenty of prizes and jackpots to be won.