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The Super Bowl is the biggest NFL game of the year so it is suitably celebrated with epic parties all across the US. Now dedicated Brits have brought American football across the pond and it's gaining a bigger following year on year. Here we look at why it's becoming so popular in the UK and we share some of our top tips so you can host the ultimate Super Bowl party.
Over 4 million Brtis tuned into the Super Bowl in 2015 and that numbers only expected to increase for this year's event. But why is that? In the UK alone, the NFL is the seventh most popular sport, but since 2007 London's Wembley Stadium has hosted regular-season games creating a fast-growing NFL fan base. 
As well as being able to attend live games, social media is also encouraging Brits to invest in the sport. TV broadcasts and streams that are readily available on mobile devices are making the NFL accessible beyond the US.  On top of this, there are even 75 American football teams at British Universities, up from 42 back in 2007. So, it would seem the NFL has taken the UK by storm and it's set on staying. 
Why not Host a Super Bowl Party This Year?
If like us, you're one of the Brits that's been drawn in by the unique appeal of the NFL and you're hosting a Super Bowl party this year, it's best to go through a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for the big day. Here are a few of our top party tips so you can celebrate Super Bowl LI in style.
Start early
Here in the UK the Super Bowl LI coverage will get under way at 23.30 GMT on Sunday so it's probably a good idea to start the celebrations early and really make a day of the event.  Due to all the bells, whistles and half-time entertainment it's likely the game won't be wrapped up until 03.30GMT, so all you intrepid British NFL fans are in for a late one- you might want to book the Monday off work now. 
Create a good TV set-up 
Obviously, the main event is the game itself, so you'll want to ensure all your guests have a good view of the TV. If you can, set up multiple screens around the room or why not use a projector to really ensure good visibility. 
Offer plenty of food and drink
In the US the traditional Super Bowl party will include portions of hot dogs, chips, burgers and pizza. American Football is a long old game so it's essential you have enough snacks and sugary sustenance to keep you going. Make sure you cater to all your guests and serve a variety of food and beverages. 
Entertain with football themed games
At any American football party, there's going to be your hard-core NFL fans, guests who only really watch the Super Bowl game and those who aren't that bothered by the sport but who enjoy the atmosphere and the half-time entertainment. So, it's important to include an array of quality entertainment throughout the day to keep everyone happy. Why not hold your own half-time performance or game? For guaranteed fun for all the family we suggest Super Bowl Bingo. Just get hold of our Ladbrokes Super Bowl bingo card and let the fun commence!
Give out prizes
While you're waiting for the game to commence, keep the evening exciting by giving out prizes and party favours. Take bets on the score or the outcome of the game and dish out sweets or rewards to the winners. This will keep all your guests entertained and involved throughout the night. 
Create an atmosphere with decorations
You can't hold a good party without decorations and you definitely can't have an American themed one without plenty of red cups. Make everyone feel at home with banners and flags and have your guests adorn jerseys of their favourite teams.
Follow these tips and you're sure to have the perfect Super Bowl party. Just serve plenty of food and drink, play fun games to keep guests entertained, and make sure everyone has a good seat. Remember, it's the last football game of the season, so be sure to give it the send-off it deserves.
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