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Play Bingo at Your Own Event


If like us at Ladbrokes you enjoy a great game of bingo with all your friends and family, or just want to hold an event of your own, then why not host an evening of bingo! It's a simple game that's suitable for people of all ages and will no doubt be hours of fun.


We're going to cover everything you need to know about hosting your own bingo night, from all the equipment you'll need, to how to decorate and cater for all your guests.


So as there's no time to lose, here's how to get started!


The Venue

  • Bingo is a game that requires a lot of space so there must be room for all the tables and chairs.
  • You might catch a few sunny days in the summer in which case you could hold your event outside
  • Village halls or marquees will provide enough space if you're unlucky with the weather


Choosing the venue is a key part of any bingo night and it can make or break the evening. The main thing to remember is make sure you have enough room! The more the merrier with a game like bingo so there has to be plenty of room for everyone and their chairs and tables. Church halls, village halls and schools all provide a potential place to hold your evening if you don't have anywhere big enough yourself. But remember, you need all the right bathroom and catering facilities to keep everyone happy!


The Dress Code

  • Bingo is the perfect party game so why not add to the fun with some fancy dress.
  • Include prizes for the best dressed, and hold photo opportunities throughout the night.


A Bingo night is the perfect opportunity to have some fancy dress fun! Bingo can be played on all occasions and all throughout the year so there is absolutely no limit to your dress code options. You can opt for a relaxed ‘wear what you want' dress code if you so wish or you can choose anyone of hundreds of fancy dress ideas to spice up your night. You can go for a holiday theme such as Christmas or even just choose one of your favourite films and have everyone dress up as a character, the possibilities are endless! You can even tailor your decorations to match your theme!



The Food and Drink


  • Like any great party you have to provide refreshments. Keep the beverages topped up throughout the night serving a variety of soft drinks or something stronger for the adults.


  • A BBQ is a great idea if you get lucky with the weather, or have some classic favourites such as chilli con carne or Curry that is easy to share round great with all the trimmings. Just make vegetarians have a suitable option


Food and refreshments are an essential piece of any successful bingo night. You can provide a selection of soft drinks including everyone's favourites! Alcohol is always an option to keep the night really enjoyable but make sure that you have a licence if you are having your bingo night away from home. When it comes to food you have all sorts of options, just remember cater for everyone! You can always keep it simple with classic crisps and snacks but if that isn't enough to keep you going, you can provide more filling options such as a BBQ, a buffet style of sandwiches or even Chilli or Curry.


The Bingo Itself


And lastly, but definitely not least get your bingo cards! These can easily be purchased online or from charity shops. If you don't want to spend anything then it is very easy just to make and print your own. You'll also need bingo daubers, bingo balls and machine, or a bucket of numbered pieces of paper would do the job just fine!


Choose a good caller; you want someone who is loud and authoritative but also very charismatic and fun. The caller can really make or break a bingo night!


Choose some prizes! What prizes you use is purely up to you, it depends who is playing and how serious the game is being taken. Take this all into account and get some gifts that get people determined to win!


Finally choose your format. You can go for the classic win when you've got all your numbers but why not throw in a few prizes for the first to get a line or all the corners! Set your rules out from the start, keep it light and entertaining and you're bound to have a successful night.


All in all just have a good time, schedule in plenty of refreshment breaks and maybe even chuck in a fun raffle halfway through.


Now you are ready to play bingo, Have fun!