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Play Bingo and Be a Winner


The increasing popularity of online bingo means that bingo sites now give out more in cash prizes than ever before. With large progressive jackpots to win, every bingo player wants to boost their luck online, so Ladbrokes is here to guide you through some of the most popular winning strategies that could help you get what you play for.


It's no secret that bingo is a game of chance, but there is that common saying that ‘you make your own luck in this world.' So how is it that bingo winners seem to have more luck than others? Selecting the right cards? Having a lucky charm or Karma maybe? We've done some digging and looked back at some big bingo winner's secrets…


Big Winners

Lucky Lisa P in Oxfordshire scooped a staggering £1.3MILLION playing online bingo. "As soon as I saw the size of the jackpot I thought it was worth a go – and I couldn't believe my eyes when it said that I'd won."

Another winner, a librarian from Glasgow spent just £4 to win her way to a massive £4.5MILLION. "I was simply blown away and couldn't believe I'd won. It's still sinking in and my family and I are still in a complete state of shock."


Bingo Strategy

Some of our regular online bingo winners will tell you to look for cards that feature a more varied range of numbers. Make sure the numbers on your cards are spread out evenly between the highest and lowest figures and try to choose numbers where the second digit is always different.

Tami S from Exeter won a total of £2500, saying "My Grandmother always told me to choose numbers with different endings. Don't go for a card with 21, 31, 41 etc. because that's unlikely to come up. It's often worked for me in the past for smaller prizes and now I've won the jackpot!"


Bulk Buy

The more cards you buy, the more likely you'll be to have as wide a number range as possible. Online bingo offers a variety of games which mean that you can now buy many more cards than you could possibly play with at your local bingo hall.  And with online auto-daubers you don't have to worry about missing any numbers!


Winning Rituals and Superstitions

Some people just seem to have all the luck with multiple wins tucked in their wallet. What's their secret? Well many of you out there have all sorts of rituals that you feel have helped you win big. When it comes to Bingo superstitions, there are a myriad of versions – but most are unique to the individual.

One big winner lucked out when he played bingo after coming home from a costume party dressed as a wizard. Now every time he plays online bingo he dresses up as that same character, complete with robe and face paint!

Bingo players commonly turn to lucky charms and love to have them on show. Four leaf clovers top the list but other items include dolls, teddies, dice, crystals, gems, mugs, daubers, and the more traditional rabbit's foot. One lucky lady had a win of over £100,000 almost fifty years after she first started playing. She put her luck down to her late sister's gold bracelet, which she now wears every time she plays bingo.



More than beginners luck?

Many believe that winning big is down to beginner's luck, much like Jack C from Blackpool who won a neat sum of £1,250 after only having an active account for less than a month. But the anonymous £4.5 million winner from Glasgow said she had been a regular player for three years online and in-club, winning smaller amounts regularly before her huge online jackpot win.

"I picked up my mobile and started playing while I was watching TV. Minutes later I saw a huge string of numbers coming up and realised I'd hit the jackpot!'

So if you're no longer a newbie, stick to it and the luck could be in your favour.


Have A Winning Mind-set and Think Positively

Many of you have confessed to adopting a winners attitude as your bingo strategy while playing online. Anni A who won £1,750 says she believes she won big due to Karma. " I frequently run errands for my elderly neighbours and spend a lot of time fundraising. It was such a shock to win and a lovely surprise! I've put some of my winnings into local community projects that I help with."  It's believed your words and actions shape the world around you, so think positively, do good things and you may well find your winning bingo strategy!



Practice Makes Perfect

Most of all Bingo is a game of fun. Enjoy the game and keep at it until you find your lucky winning strategy, whether it's in the bingo hall on whilst you're playing online. Remember, select cards with a range of odd and even numbers if you can, your odds improve if you if you buy multiple cards within a game and try to find your lucky charm. Keep karma on your side, carry on with those winning rituals and get playing bingo- you could be the next big jackpot winner, even if you are dressed as a wizard!