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The World's Most Haunted Bingo Halls

With Halloween just around the corner we thought we'd get in to the spooky spirit with our favourite online game - bingo!  

The popularity of playing online bingo at home has soared in recent years and we think we may know one of the reasons why… Here we take a look at some of the most haunted bingo halls in the world.

Eerie Sightings at the Invicta, Kent

Originally built as a cinema, The Invicta was converted into a shelter to house families who had lost their homes during the Blitz. Tragically at this time of the Second World War a bomb directly hit the building and four of the residents died.

It wasn't until the late 1940's that chilling incidents started to occur. By the 70's people were hearing strange noises and were reporting sightings of a "man in green" haunting the building. To get to the bottom of these creepy encounters the owners of the theatre called in a clairvoyant.  He claimed to have got in touch with the mysterious "Man in Green" and said he went by the name of Bill Malan.

Further research shows that a Mr William Malan actually existed and worked in the theatre as commissionaire….and wore a green uniform!

The Gaumont's "Man In Grey", Surrey

Inside this 1930's art deco building there have been strange, eerie noises echoing through the hall. Similar to the Invicta, The Gaumont used to be a theatre and is now home to frequent bingo games and spooky sightings. Many bingo players have reported unusual happenings such as unexplained creaking doors and most frequently the ghostly spirit dubbed the "Grey Man".

In 2011, the ghost hunters were called in to get to the bottom of these events. They used a crystal ball and conducted séances to contact the Grey Man. Instead what they heard was slamming doors, chilling noises and mysterious lights flying across the wall all of which were completely unexplained.

The experts believe the elusive Grey Man might be the spirit of someone who often visited the hall who committed suicide in 1965.

Moving Furniture at McLaughlin Hall

McLaughlin Hall in South Dakota is one of America's most haunted bingo halls.  This comes as no surprise to us as the founders built it right on top of an ancient burial ground!

The bingo hall employees all say they've heard the chilling cry of a ghostly child, unfathomable footsteps echoing around the building and even encountered moving furniture. This all occurred long after the last bingo player had gone home!

Not surprisingly many of these employees, despite their love of bingo, couldn't hack working in these eerie conditions and have quit their jobs.

With all these spooky encounters it's just another great reason to stay in and play bingo online!