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What makes a great night with the girls?

What do you prefer; a night in, or a night out?


It's a tough decision. Do you prefer the glamour and glitz of going out on the town, or the comfort and security of having a good night in with the girls?


Well, here at Ladbrokes Bingo we decided to find out exactly what ladies prefer when it comes to having the best evening ever.


We completed a survey, asking women across the country all about nights in and nights out. We asked over 2,000 women from the UK what makes a great night great. Here are the results.


The lowdown:


  • Nearly 70% of all women asked preferred a night in with the girls than a night out on the town.
  • Nearly 80% of surveyed ladies said a night in with the girls was best for having a laugh.
  • 75% reckoned that a night out on the town could turn out to be pretty expensive.
  • 62% said that a night out was the most exciting.
  • Out of all drinks, wine was the favourite for most ladies surveyed – 33%, in fact.


So what's so great about a night out?


Who doesn't love popping on a pair of killer heels, your slinkiest dress, and painting the town red?

But the women we surveyed were quick to point out the most annoying things about a night on the tiles. What are the most annoying things about going out?


According to the ladies surveyed:


  • 60% said the long queues at the bar were the most annoying thing.
  • 54% said they were pretty irritated by the loos in clubs not having any paper.
  • 51% having to pay so much to get into a club was pretty irritating too.
  • 34% said looking after a friend who has had one too many could put a dampener on things.
  • 15% said accidently bumping into an ex could really bring the mood down.


What's so great about a girls' night in?


Getting the girls together for a great night in was a firm favourite with the women surveyed. In fact, overall it was the preferred option.


But why is the idea of staying in so popular with the girls?


  • 60% voted the fact that you don't have to shell out as much money to stay in as one of their choices.
  • 47% said no waiting around in queues was a great reason to stay in.
  • 32% reckoned having a good gossip without it falling on the wrong ears – like, perhaps, the person who you happen to be talking about – was one of the deciding factors.
  • 21% voted the low chance of losing anything as one of their reasons to prefer a girls' night in.
  • 14% put there being no chance of bumping into an ex as another reason.


What do you think?


Have you had a nightmare night out? Do you prefer getting the girls together for a night in, or getting your glad rags on and painting the town red? Let us know on our Facebook page!