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Celebrities Who Play Bingo


Over the years, we've seen the popularity of our online bingo  games soar and today our bingo community is bigger than ever. Bingo is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world and now our favourite game has a huge celebrity following! From the likes of Robbie Williams to Cristiano Ronaldo, the rich and famous are always up for a game of our beloved bingo. 
With loads of huge jackpots, special prizes and quick-fire games on offer when you play bingo there's plenty to keep everyone entertained. And now with many celebrities playing bingo these days you might just end up talking to the stars in our lively chat rooms!
We don't often think of A-Listers having enough time to sit down and play bingo but these X celebs prove that it's a game for everybody.
Kate Moss
First on the list of our celebrity bingo players is the world-famous English model, Kate Moss. After settling down into married life with guitarist Jamie Hince, the couple say they spend most weekends at home playing bingo with their kids. Now that's definitely not what we'd expect from a supermodel/rock-star duo!
Russell Crowe   
Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe is best known for his sensational talent on the big screen, but before his Hollywood career took off he was once a numbers caller for a bingo hall in Australia. He's often expressed his love for the game during interviews over the years and even admitted to being fired from his job as bingo caller when he made up his own, slightly naughtier, names for the traditional bingo terms! 
To this day, you'll still be able to catch Russell fitting in a game or two in between takes on his next box office blockbuster. 

Robbie Williams

No one would have thought that hugely successful Robbie Williams was a lover of bingo. But even through his time in Take That, his phenomenal solo career and his stint in acting he has been an avid bingo fan. Robbie absolutely loves the game, even taking part in regular Hollywood bingo competitions where he donates his winnings to charities including Breast Cancer Research. 

Have a close look at Robbie's ‘Feel' music video where you'll see him emerging from a bingo hall at 1.09. 


Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones fell in love with bingo during her childhood growing up in wales, where she would often create her own set of bingo balls and cards! After marrying fellow actor, Michael Douglas, she moved to the US where she has adapted to playing with 75 balls rather than the UK's usual 90. 
Catherine regularly hosts bingo parties and plays the game every Christmas with her friends and family.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, is famous for his sublime skill on the pitch so his love of bingo may come as a surprise. Having used bingo to learn the English language he admits to developing a passion for the numbers game. We know he's a tough competitor and he hates to lose, so we'd love to face him in a bingo battle. 

Mick Jagger

World-renowned frontman of one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Mick Jagger, isn't exactly your stereotypical bingo fanatic, but word has it that Mick loves throwing some seriously big bingo parties at his house. These aren't the type of parties we'd expect from this celeb but we sure wish we were invited. 


The Queen

Among the A-list actors and singers, there are many public figures and politicians who love trying their luck at a game of bingo too.  It's well known that The Queen finds great joy in playing bingo with the family, particularly at Christmas and birthdays. In fact we recently celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday with our Ladbrokes Queen's 90 Bingo Bash.  If only we could get Prince William to be our bingo caller!