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Get up and Run – 31 Tips to avoid the Football at Euro 2016



It's time for Euro 2016. For millions of football fans, that's an incredibly exciting thing, and they'll be spending the next few weeks running sweepstakes, making predictions and analysing every kick, tackle and formation. But what if football's not your thing? How can you escape?

Fortunately, we've put together a list of 31 things you could do rather than watch the football. Some of them are easy, some of them are free and some of them give you the opportunity to win! You can do this by visiting the Ladbrokes Bingo Facebook page for regular updates on the weekly competitions! 



Tip 1: Go for a bike ride –See more of your local area – find an off-road bike trail or cycle along your nearest towpath. FREE


Tip 2: Go the cinema –Book the best seats, bag yourself a huge carton of popcorn and spend a couple of hours away from it all. £


Tip 3: Step up your fitness – while everyone else is watching sport, you could be doing some. Join a fitness class – anything from aerobics to Zumba – or go for a swim. Free/£


Tip 4: Play Online Bingo – you can sit in front of the football without even having to watch. Just play bingo instead! We have excellent promotions for new and current users, making it easy and fun to try and win big bingo jackpots – which would give you a great reason to head out and do some of the other things on this list. TO WIN £5 FREE BINGO CREDIT VISIT THE LADBROKES BINGO FACEBOOK PAGE  throughout Euro 2016


Tip 5: Spring Clean –Pick a room and blitz it, and get other family members involved too – why not make it a competition? FREE (unless you spend a lot of money on cleaning equipment.)


Tip 6: Get into a new TV series –Get some recommendations from friends, get comfy on the sofa and get started. FREE with your regular subscriptions.



Tip 7: Arts and crafts –Got a painting-by-numbers kit at the back of the cupboard? Pull it out and have a go! FREE-££


Tip 8: Cooking and Baking –With so many TV cooking and baking shows, thousands of recipes online and supermarkets open until late, you can indulge your inner Mary Berry as much as you like. FREE, but you'll need to buy ingredients… TO WIN A MERRY BERRY COOKBOOK  VISIT THE LADBROKES BINGO FACEBOOK PAGE throughout Euro 2016


Tip 9: Get in touch with culture –Why not go and see what your nearest museum has to offer? There's usually plenty to do with decent food and drink. FREE/£


Tip 10: Go on holiday – a long weekend away might be just what you need to get away from it all. There may be last-minute deals to be had, so get online and look out for a bargain. £££


Tip 11: Host a swap party – Choose the theme for your swap party, invite all your friends and get swapping! FREE


Tip 12:  Go to the beach –Whether you head for a remote cove to soak up the sun in private, or you love a great British seaside resort, relax and have fun with a day at the coast. FREE-££ depending on where you go.




Tip 13: DIY –Make a list, check you've got everything you need, and get started. From complete redecoration to little fixes, your house could be pristine before the final whistle goes. £££ if you're spending on paint and tools


Tip 14: Host a games night – get all your favourite games out of the cupboard, get your friends to bring along some more, put some food in the fridge and get playing! FREE apart from the drink and nibbles.


Tip 15: Go for a hike – for many of us, the countryside is closer than we think. Why not plan a weekend and get out into the open for longer? FREE/££


Tip 16: Host a classic movie marathon – there are plenty of movie options for your own at-home marathon. Get your mates round, or just lock yourself in and enjoy by yourself. FREE if you already have the movies!


Tip 17: Have a picnic – everyone loves a picnic. Whether you go posh with table and chairs or laid-back with a rug and a sandwich from the petrol station, there's nothing quite like sitting under the sun and eating outdoors. TO WIN AN AMAZING PICNIC HAMPER VISIT THE LADBROKES BINGO FACEBOOK PAGE throughout Euro 2016


Tip 18: Turn off all your technology –You might enjoy the peace and quiet and the relaxation of not having to reach for your phone all the time. Go on. Give it a try. FREE



Tip 19: Make money by clearing out your stuff – we've all got stuff lying around that we don't want, but other people might pay for. Sort it out and then either take it to a car boot sale, or put it up for sale online. FREE


Tip 20: Ice cream making – Get lessons and then you can go home and make an Anti-Euro 2016 Ice Cream all of your own. £££


Tip 21: Have a day at a race track – whether it's horses, dogs, bikes, cars or go-karting, a day at the race track is great fun! £££


Tip 22: Do the garden – whatever the weather, there's always something to be done in the garden. From tidying and pruning to planting new, colourful flowers and shrubs, or even just cutting the lawn so you can sit out and enjoy it, a good spot of gardening will get you away from the football. FREE/£


Tip 23: Spa Day – isn't it time you treated yourself? A spa day gives you the chance to completely indulge yourself with treatments, classes and more – all in beautiful, calming surroundings. £££


Tip 24: Head to a theme park – there are plenty of theme parks to choose from and, as it's outside school holidays, there may be entrance deals to be had. £££



Tip 25: Borrow a dog – ask first, of course! But friends with dogs are usually happy for someone to dog-sit for the day. You get to have all of the fun of the dog without the long-term responsibility. FREE


Tip 26: Do some colouring – the trend for adult colouring seems to be holding, with a wide range of pattern books in the shops. Relaxing for body and mind, take yourself off to a quiet place with some nicely-sharpened coloured pencils and let your inner child out. £


Tip 27: Invent something new – easier said than done maybe, but if something's always been bothering you, why not sit down and see if you can fix it?. FREE


Tip 28 Take a train trip – it's easy to forget that we can get around really well by train. If you book your ticket in advance, it's much cheaper, and train operators do summer offers, combining a train ticket with an entrance fee to attractions, making it a great way to get about. ££/£££ depending on how far you want to go.


Tip 29: Read a good book – from timeless classics to today's best-sellers, reading is a great way to while away the 90 minutes of a football match. FREE/£


Tip 30: Go to the theatre – nothing quite compares to live entertainment, and with so much theatre going on, both professional and amateur, you'll certainly be able to find something to go to. £££


Tip 31: Yoga – as well as helping you learn how to breathe well for relaxation and peace of mind, Yoga is a great workout for the body. FREE/££


Ladbrokes hope that you find theses 31 tips to avoid the football useful. You can see that there is a wide range of fun activities to do during the Euro 2016 championship. Feel free to check out the Ladbrokes bingo blog for more fun games and activities or even jump straight into tip four of our guide and play some Online Bingo .      


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*£££ - over £20 per person