There are three easy steps to take when playing bingo with Ladbrokes,
as detailed further down the page. Once you follow them, you're ready
to play straight away and start getting a Full House!


Register an account

The first thing to do is open an account. Click on
the big green 'Register' button and the form will
open. Enter some basic contact details as well
as a secure username and password that are
easy for you to remember.


Deposit funds

One you've registered, you can deposit
straight away. To do this, follow the instructions
on the screen. After you've done this once, you can
deposit at any time simply by clicking on the
word 'Deposit'.
There is a list of deposit methods on the site
where you can choose a method that's right for
you. Your account with Ladbrokes Bingo is
separated into wallets for different products
such as bingo. Deposit into the 'Main' wallet
for bingo.


Choosing a Bingo chat name

Now that you're ready to play, you can also join
out chatroom! After clicking on the 'Play Now'
button, the game you're playing will open and
ask you to choose a chat name (you need to
turn off your popup block to play).
Your name will come up whenever you join our
chatroom where you can talk to other players
while you're waiting for your numbers to come
up! Once that's sorted, you can play!
Our Support team is committed to providing our players the most efficient and professional service around the clock. We are available via Live Chat, email or telephone.



Using a tablet or smartphone with the Android or iOS system, you can download the Ladbrokes Online Bingo App and play whenever you're on the move!
Don't worry, we'll explain how to download each app and how they both work in the Google Play and App Stores.